Hi, I'm Joseph.

Here is some stuff about me...

My focus is on conceptualizing and experimental design. I’m always trying to discover new ways of approaching a problem. I enjoy telling the story in my design, creating a personal connection between product and user through empathy as well as a true understanding of an issue or obstacle to overcome.

*Experimental design: Be fearless and challenge the status quo.

Where I am usually focused...

I usually get asked what parts of the design process I focus on. In truth, during the lifecycle of a project I’ll touch every aspect of the design process in some way. However, there are a few key areas I focus most of my attention on. Those areas revolve mostly around the "up front work". Things like product and implementation strategy, aligning expectations with stakeholders, the architecture, IxD execution as well as working very closely with engineering and product management to build the best possible MVP for that product or feature.

Then we repeat the process and refine our features over time with user research and market response. Working in a fast-paced agile environment has helped me to refine my process over the years and gain more trust from my engineering and product teams.

"the architecture, IxD execution as well as working very closely with engineering and product management".

Salesforce: Inbox

Salesforce Inbox is a suite of mobile and desktop productivity apps, powered by our Relationship Intelligence™ technology, to help every sales rep to sell smarter. My primary focus is to design, architect and build the frameworks for integrating the Einstein Intelligence Platform™ across our entire suite of apps.

Salesforce Inbox Google Play Store
Salesforce Inbox Itunes App Store
Salesforce Inbox Chrome Extension

Ooyala: Video Player

Ooyala’s HTML5 Player delivers superior mobile, web and desktop video experiences for live and on-demand content. The highly configurable player comes out of the box with a modern UI/UX and gives you full control to match your brand’s look and feel.

IBM: Watson for Oncology

Watson for Oncology is able to use natural language processing to ingest a patients Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Structured or unstructured data and recommend a standard of care treatment.

Watson for oncology marketing site

Ooyala: Player Builder

The player builder is a complimentary product to the open source video player. It allows the user to work with a GUI for customizing multiple players as well as integration with other products on the Ooyala platform.

TAGHEUER Connected Smart Watch

The TAG Heuer Connected watch has been manufactured in collaboration with top partners Google and Intel, bringing the best of both worlds: Swiss luxury watchmaking and Silicon Valley Technology. I assisted the core design team at Chaotic Moon Studios (now Fjord) in designing key experiences for the android companion app as well as creating proof of concepts for connecting additional apps and data sources.

TAGHEUER Connected Smart Watch Marketing Site

Hipster Spotter

This is a look into the ATL (Atlanta, GA) ATX (Austin, TX) SF (San Francisco, CA) “hipster” culture. What this hopes to be is a look into a growing “indie”, “hipster” or whatever you like’d like call it stereotype. What are their motivations? How do they think? These are things I hope to find out. I am hoping I can turn some insights into something unique anduseful for an entire generation.

This is also meant to be a bit of satire, if that wasn’t clear.

Meet Me...

This project is an ethnographic study that focus on how individuals interact with one another, mostly for the first time. How do they engage one another. How do they begin to break down social barriers.